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Commitment, Forecast and the Toyota Kata

My last post, On WIP Limits, Velocity and Variability, explained how variability can combine with certain habits and the ignorance of pull systems to create a situation where a Scrum team repeatedly delivers roughly half of their user stories committed … Continue reading

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On WIP Limits, Velocity and Variability

A prominent agilist posted a question on Twitter that lead to a long discussion: “Can Scrum teams use velocity as the WIP limit for a sprint? Will it take them closer to pull-based planning?” Several replies quickly followed from many … Continue reading

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A Software G-Forces Experiment

I ran a quick experiment with a group of colleagues yesterday. Everybody picked up two coloured stickies and placed them somewhere on Kent Beck’s “Software G-Forces” frequency scale. Software G-Forces is a reference to Kent Beck’s model, where he establishes … Continue reading

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