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#LKNA13 Monday in Tweets

From Bob Lewis’ keynote: The Keep the Joint Running manifesto – triskadecaphilic guidelines for leading 21st century IT. #lkna13… — joakimsunden (@joakimsunden) April 29, 2013 PDF containing most of the slides from Bob Lewis keynote, including the “Triskadecaphilic guidelines” … Continue reading


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#NoEstimates Discussion at Agile Open Toronto

I was at Agile Open Toronto as week ago and this post is a short report and a follow-up on the “No-Estimates” session that took place there. The session was proposed and led by Chris Chapman and 23 people, about … Continue reading

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T-Shirts, Rabbits, Lizards and Sizing Software Features

I was at Agile Open Toronto last weekend, which included a no-estimates session. That session and the open-space conference itself deserve separate blog posts, but for now I want to cover just set of concerns that relates to sizing and … Continue reading

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Scrum Commitments, Little’s Law, and Variability

I have recently had a discussion with a Scrum Master whose team was struggling quite a bit, completing exactly zero stories for two straight iterations. This problem is often framed as overcommitment – how can we make them team commit … Continue reading

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How to Do Agile Software Development with Offshore Resources

Doing Agile with offshore resources is an important topic to many software professionals. To succeed with Agile using offshore resources, you have to understand two principles: The process of doing Agile with offshore resources is highly dependent on the geography … Continue reading

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