Forecasting Cards

Lead time curve with rainbow colours

Those who met me at conferences in the last two years (some clients, too) have probably seen these Forecasting Cards. They’re easy to recognize by their rainbow colours. I created them to start conversations about lead time and to communicate the related ideas and findings (such as from this popular post: Inside a Lead Time Distribution).

These cards and the conversations we had while looking at them motivated some people to start measuring their time to market and to understand the probabilistic nature of delivery processes they’re trying to manage in their professional service enterprise.

I updated the cards several times and added some explanations based on the feedback, but I haven’t made such changes recently. So, I’m going to share the current version of the Forecasting Cards as an easy download. This will likely be their last revision.


In the meantime, I’ve started working on the next set of cards, which will communicate some insights about risk taking and fat-tailed distributions.

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