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My Agile St. Petersburg Interview

I have recently been interviewed Who-Is-Agile-style by Sergey Kotlov, the leader of the Agile St. Petersburg community. This post is the English translation of the inteview’s Russian original. I am thankful to Sergey for this opportunity and being a great … Continue reading

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The Continuous Improvement Likbez

Likbez (ликбез) is a neologism that entered the Russian language in the 1920s, after the revolution. Formed similarly to many new words of the day by abbreviating long phrases, it meant the “elimination of illiteracy” (ликвидация безграмотности). At the turn … Continue reading

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Debunking the 10,000-Hours-of-Practice Theory

Now that I brought up the subject of music with my previous post, I want to express my skepticism of the popular theory there is a universal “magic” number of 10,000 hours of practice that one has to complete in … Continue reading

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The Software Engineering Moneyball

Estimation has been a hot topic in software development blogosphere recently. Morgan Ahlström contributed to it with a nice blog post several days ago: Why Estimates Don’t Matter. This post was heavily trafficked via social media and several people discussed … Continue reading

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A Software G-Forces Experiment

I ran a quick experiment with a group of colleagues yesterday. Everybody picked up two coloured stickies and placed them somewhere on Kent Beck’s “Software G-Forces” frequency scale. Software G-Forces is a reference to Kent Beck’s model, where he establishes … Continue reading

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A Digression from My LSSC’12 Report

I’m interrupting my LSSC’12 report with a short update from the real world. (The first two batches of the report are here: Batch 1 and Batch 2). I had to submit the annual employee survey – it’s a long SurveyMonkey … Continue reading

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Observations at the Passport Office

I spent 34 minutes today at a local Passport Canada office applying for my passport. It is a pretty lean operation. It was actually a very busy day in their office, in the middle of the summer, lots of people … Continue reading

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