Quotable Zomblatt

Zomblatt is a social media meme that started in 2012. It has helped people understand and reflect on various aspects of Agile/Lean through small doses of humour, usually 140 characters at a time.

The best definition of Zomblatt I can think of is to use quotes, so I’m giving a number of quotes here. Various people have said these things, mostly about a year ago. I don’t remember correctly who said what to attribute them accurately, but hope the Zomblatt regulars don’t mind. So, here it goes:

  • Zomblatt team members can only speak when their coach finishes speaking and gives them permission.
  • There is no concept of the last responsible moment in Zomblatt. There is never an irresponsible moment.
  • Zomblatt cannot be adopted, only installed.
  • You can apply Zomblatt to any process, but you can’t apply it to Kanban, because Kanban is not a process.
  • Zomblatt is not only about the “process stuff.” Zomblatt cares about technical practices, such as Development-Driven Testing and Examples through Specification.
  • Zomblatt didn’t repeat Agile certification mistakes and certified all certificate-granting bodies first. Zomblatt Alliance, Zomblatt.org, Open Zomblatt are all certified.
  • etc.

Bill Lumbergh, ZBBBS

Bill Lumbergh, ZBBBS

The highest certification level in Zomblatt is ZBBBS (Zomblatt Black Belt and Brown Suspenders). Bill Lumbergh of Initech Corp. was first to attain it.

Feel free to add your favourite Zomblatt quotes in the comments!

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2 Responses to Quotable Zomblatt

  1. LOL, just came across this years later. Didn’t realize you had blogged about it. Might be time to add more material to https://leanpub.com/officialzomblatt.

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